It is night 10’O’clock. Sindhu is waiting for a phone call from Vishal , sitting on a sofa. The phone rang, and Sindhu lifted it so fast.
Hello Sindhu, how is my son?
I am waiting for your phone call since, 2 hours. You have no concern about me, sindhu shouted at Vishal in phone.
Why are you getting that much temper? I attended a party given by Krishna on the occasion of his marriage, which was fixed in next month.
Oh, though I am not there, you are enjoying nicely.
Don’t get anger my dear, I am coming there in a week.
Ok, come, come. I know you are coming for your son not for me.
Oh, again you are suspecting me. What happened to you my dear? Don’t you know how much I care for you, how much I love you.
OK, Ok, come soon. If you failed to come in time, the next minute I will be there with your son Dheeraj.
I know your fastness dear. Surely I will come. Ok, bye.
Vishal ended the phone call of Sindhu and took a long breath and said to himself, what a dominating personality she is. I have to go to sleep.
The next day Vishal reached the office at 9.00 ‘O’ clock. There in the office, all the employees stood together, and discussing something. Vishal not understanding what happened went near them and asked about the matter.
One of the employee told that the director Shyam of this company was arrested this morning, because of his illegal activities. He thefted so much cash in the name of this company. He was also a cheater. He already sold this company to Dhanraj nearly one year back. The supreme court handover the company to him and ordered the police to arrest our director Shyam. The new director Dhanraj is going to take charges of the company on Friday.
Vishal stood silent for some time, thinking of the changes that are going on.
Venkat krishna entered the office at the same time. He stood beside Vishal.
Hey vishal, didn’t you saw the news today morning?
No ,Krishna,[vishal’s colleague and also a friend] I didn’t.
All the news channels are covering the news about our company, and, our director Shyam.
Another employee turned to them and said, do you know the latest news?
What is it? Both the vishal and krishna asked him at the same time.
The new director of our company had decided to remove some of us from the jobs.
What? Both responded at once.
Yes, it is true.
But how can he do this? Vishal asked with worried looks.
Then krishna by holding vishal’s hand dragged him outside to the corridor.
What krishna, why have you bring me here?
Listen vishal, let us go from here. We will go home and listen to the news. We will get some confirmation.
Yes, you are right, let us go.
They both left the office and went to vishal’s house.