Hello guys, I am PraveenKumar. Do you have friends in your life? Ofcourse every body will have one or two friends, but I am asking about a friend who are always withstand by your side, in any state of your situation. Yes, I had a friend of such nature, and he is UmeshChandra. How lucky I am, and also feeling very proud to have such a friend.
I want to share my memorable moments, that I spend with my friend both in joy, and also in difficult situations. As I am a rich person, I use to think, that I need not be depended on others, and used to avoid the friends, building the fence of proudness around me. This nature of mine,had turned like a curse on me, and my lonliness had become my company. At this situation, UmeshChandra had joined our school, and in our class, when I am in sixth class. He is of full opposite to my nature. He was from a poor family, but clever in studies, and also very friendly natured. All of our classmates, started liking him. He ofcourse, didn’t even leave me, even though I tried to avoid him. He didn’t even listened to the complaints against me, among the friends. He always tried, to mingle with me, while eating, playing, and also doing the work. My proudness, closed my eyes, without noticing the good person like Umesh.
But before starting to tell you my story, I want to share one thing with you guys. Remember, wealth is the least thing compared to a good friend in your life. Don’t miss an opportunity, to find such a person in your life. Selfish ness is a human nature, but be selfish to have a good friend, but not in unnecessary matters. Good friend is enough for a life, to fulfill our lonliness for ever.
Can enemy become a friend? Yes, Umesh is my first enemy, who had become my best friend. My hatred was turned into like towards him. I started liking him that much, I had even forgotten my parents, who never tried to care about me. Yes, my Father, Kishan Patel was very busy with his money making business, and my Mother Durga, was very busy in money spending business. The friendship of Umesh, made me get realised, how happiness get increased while we have friends to share our feelings, and also pocess good company, while playing, and eating our food by sharing with friends.
And so, I will start my story in the next chapter, and will tell about my life experiences to you. I hope you will enjoy reading this first chapter about my friend and friend ship.