Recently, we have celebrated our Independence day. On August 15th.

Dear friends, what is this Independence? Do you think, that Independence means not dependent? It is wrong, Independence means, “let us live, and let them live”. We are enjoying our freedom of life, on the basis of many sacrifices made by our Leaders. Our leaders brought the unity, among all our Indians, beyond the casts, religions, and regions, and get succeeded in a freedom fight against Britishers.

Dear Indians, What happened to that unity, after getting Independence?

Before Independence, many lives, are sacrificed, where as now many lives are bound to their selfish acts. [life now bound to their casts, religions, and regions].

Our National leader Mahathma Gandhi once told that, ” when the day comes, the woman alone can walk in the midnight, that day is our real Independence day”

But today, it is really shame on our part to say, we lost our freedom, even in the morning. Do you know why? The life of woman became too terrified, and unsecured, now at present days of situation.

Dear brothers, think of once, when you are ready to ruin alife of a girl. You are all should with stand at the back of every woman, saying that, “I am there as your brother, go ahead, having no fear”.

My honorable request, to you all my brothers, please enjoy your freedom following some rules and regulations, and let your sisters live happily.

We have freedom to talk, but should not exceed your limits. We have freedom to Live, but not disturb others lives, to our purpose of living.

We should atleast follow some good paths, shown by our leaders, and try to make our nation feel proud.


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